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Body - Show Announcement

Opening Oct 2nd, Christopher Stout Gallery, New York is a gallery located at 
299 Meserole Street in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn; showing subversive and difficult work by NYC artists.

In the project room gallery, our debut group exhibition at CSG/NY is titled, "Body " by represented gallery artists 
Linda Griggs, Eric Gottshall, Josh Kil, Andrew Cornell Robinson, Anne Sherwood Pundyk, Thomas Stevenson, Vincent Tiley, J. Morrsion, Brian Whiteley, and Kelsey Shwetz.

In the same construct as the corps de ballet or the opera chorus, CSG/NY project space will feature new works monthly 
by the 10 represented gallery artists who are not exhibiting in our solo gallery, allowing them to dialogue with featured body of work, 
and allowing the audience an alternative perspective by which to approach the solo exhibition.

This group exhibition of CSG/NY artists will run in correlation with Phoenix Lindsey-Hall's solo exhibition from October 2nd until November 2nd. We look forward to welcoming you at our opening.

Christopher Stout, Director
(Images Above, "The Bees Know What To Do," Image Stills From A Film By CSG/NY Artist Vincent Tiley)

Excerpt from Bedford+Bowery, Oct. 5, 2015 by Nicole Disser

Painting by Linda Griggs (Photo: Nicole Disser)    
 While the works in this adjacent room were meant to be in conversation with Shepard, some certainly succeed more than others. One piece that struck me as having the same dark resonance is a painting by Linda Griggs, the artist behind the gallery’s November show, The First Time is Not Like Porn. At first, the image of disembodied can of computer duster and an ash pile against a taupe-ish gradient background with simple text underneath seemed hollow. It almost reminded me of Magritte’s The Treachery of Images. But once Christopher explained what was behind the inscription, “Blake Ferris 1968-2011,” the painting took on a whole new depth and a disturbing life of its own.

“He was an important Lower East Side artist who became addicted to duster,” Christopher explained. “He was found dead behind a CVS.” Apparently the chemical, a dangerous inhalant you can pick up at any convenience store, was responsible for Blake’s pitiful demise. The painting is part of What to do with the Body, an ongoing series of works depicting death stories.


Excerpt from Bedford+Bowery, Sept. 8th, 2015 by Nicole Disser

Painter Linda Griggs will have a show in November called “The First Time Is Not Like Porn,” which will include “large paintings and drawings that parallel narratives of human sexuality (specifically losing one’s virginity)” alongside myths the porn industry perpetuates.


Excerpt from NYC-ARTS, by Ariel Min   
   lindagriggs           Photos by Ariel Min
 Linda Griggs
Like A Hurricane
“This piece is called ‘Like a Hurricane’ (yes, like the Neil Young song) and it’s a memorial for a friend named Blake Ferris, who died from addiction to Dust-Off. It was really a shame to lose him. He was a very gifted and smart artist, editor and photographer. Blake was a difficult person – very hard to love, but he needed love like anybody else. His friends heard the title “Like a Hurricane” and they got it instantly. For us, it was like, ‘I want to love you but I’m getting blown away,’ because he’d just push us away. Then there’s the pun of how he got blown away by the Dust-Off.”

Excerpt from Brookly Magazine, by Paul D'Agostino.
"Our gallery is comprised of a larger ‘solo room gallery’ and a smaller ‘project room’ gallery. Each month one of our artists will present a solo body of work in the main room. A couple of months before the solo launches, the rest of our artists are invited to preview the work, and we then work together to curate a show in the project space that complements the main show. Our inaugural solo show is about death, and as such our project room is appropriately somber. Fair warning, our November solo by Linda Griggs, “The First Time is Not Like Porn,” will be an odd comedy about sex, and our project room will be literally the bacchanal of a visual orgy."

James Kalm Report published Nov 1, 2015