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Linda Griggs
I'm Not Sure I Should Be Telling You This 
Thirty Years of Narrative Painting and Story Art

Hampden Gallery
October 28th through November 29th,  
Opening Reception: October 28th, sunday 2-4pm
Hours: Tuesday though Friday 1 to 6pm
Sunday 2 to 5pm

Hampeden Commons Building
Southwest Residential Area


Curated by Alix Sloan
Catalog essay by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Many paintings in this survey include visual puns and art historical references that might be lost on the casual observer. For example in Eat Crow the composition is based on the Goya etching, The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters which ties in with Aunt Faye staying up "night after night". The black and white crows are called Magpies or Pied Crows.

Eat Crow
oil on canvas mounted on panel
36 x 24
Text reads:
Aunt Faye invited the couple from downstairs to diner. The wife brought a kind of pie Aunt Faye had never tasted before. Aunt Faye complimented the wife and politely asked for the recipe. The wife said it was a private family recipe and that it wasn't given out.
Aunt Faye made pie after pie until she'd duplicated the recipe exactly. Then she invited the wife over again and fed it to her. The wife ate it and didn't say a word.

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Also included in the show are three books set on a plinth in the middle of the room with a small sign saying "Please read". These books explain many of the puns and as a bonus include the bizarre and funny pictures found on the internet while researching images for the paintings. 

  Hidden Puns and Art Historical References free pdf 

Communion Ruminations Source Material free pdf 

Suddenly Last Birthday Source Material free pdf