Conscience Art Fair

Conscience art fair is an idea currently in development.   

Concept: Linda Griggs

Developed by: Linda Griggs, Christopher Stout, Rebecca Weiss, and Eric Gamalinda




Lower East Side - Manhattan  March 20-22, 2017 

The Clemente's Abrazo Interno & LES Galleries, 107 Suffolk St,  NYC

Conscience Art Fair at The Clemente benefits 9+ charities with each booth dedicated to an organization chosen by the artists.

The charity receives 40% of sales and takes donations.  Also receiving 40% are the artists who typically receive nothing, not even a tax deduction, for their generosity.  The remaining 20% goes to administrative costs for the space and staff.

If food and drink donations are secured for opening night there will be a $5 cover charge to be divided between the administration and charities. On following nights there will be a cash bar on the first floor benefiting The Clemente.

The artists will be invited from both The Clemente studios and outside.  Local galleries will be approached and asked to participate although percentages will have to be negotiated.  Artists may choose more than one charity.  

Using Savona Bailey's Fusion concept each booth will be curated by an emerging curator which will bring a polished look to each booth and give the emerging curators a much needed opportunity.  Emerging curator programs like New York Art Residency and Studios (NARS) will be contacted.

Each booth will be manned by both a volunteer representative of the charity who will be able to discuss their mission and take donations and the emerging curator who will discuss the work in the booth and take art sales. The curator will receive a small commission of 5% on sales.

The charities should be a mix of local and global in order to engage neighborhood organizations as well as introducing The Clemente to a new audience from outside the Lower East Side.

The charities must work with us to promote the event to their patrons.  

Each booth should have art for $50, $200, and $1000+ so that everyone can leave with something.  $50 art is typically an art video on a usb or a small, unlimited edition print.

Using the Abrazo and LES Galleries there should be space for ten charities, both local and global. The artists will need to choose the charity that excites them.  Charities can be for cancer, women's health, LGBT, animal welfare, environmental, educational, etc.

There should also be a kiosk for our neighbors, the LES Girls Club, which makes and sells crafts and snacks in the foyer of the entrance building. 

For the animal charity there should be an option for the mobile adoption or mobile spay/neuter van to be outside.

Possible suggested charities National:

North Shore Animal League

 Waterkeeper Alliance*

 Gay Men's Health Crisis*or Foundation for AIDS Research* Harvey Milk School

 Operation Homefront – N.O. inc. Wounded Warrior*


 Doctors Without Borders – USA*


 Goals Good Old Lower East Side

 Lower East Side Conservancy

        also Lower East Side Girls Club kiosk in lobby

Other Important Charities that I hope we can include if we are able to use hallways/public spaces: 

American Indian College Fund*

International Planned Parenthood* 


*vetted by Charity Watch though I have some concerns about their vetting.  I looked at a breast cancer research foundation who basically outsourced their fund raising.  Anyone could have a cupcake sale say it was for charity and then keep 90% of the money. The breast cancer charity would take that 10% and say they had no expenses in raising it.  But I was made to understand this is standard practice for a lot of charities