E32  -  Thank you letters and Testimonials

"once again, the sincerity and authenticity and humility and creativity just felt wonderful.

Our friend from California made an interesting observation -- that the artists were genuine and natural, no pretentions or BS. Great! “

-- Sandra Granzow

    her friend from California was David O. Russell

   E32 is a wonderful project that convenes artists from all over the region in New York City. The project's special virtue is that it is "artist to artist" communication. It precludes the filter of a gallery or museum, and in that way, really helps the arts community to connect.

   E32's executive director Linda Griggs is an artist herself and thusreally understands the type of connection we need to make with others in thetribe and beyond. Kudos to her for her passion and dedication to this project!


-- Elizabeth Keithline


“E32, curated by Linda Griggs, has been one of the most edgy and interesting art events in town.  Held in a lower east side retro space, the artists Griggs chooses usually have a refreshing off-beat sensibility, much like Griggs herself.  The art is viewed on the wall via projector light so the experience is chiaroscuro; the half light releasing inhibitions and encouraging conversation.

Videos, animations, painting, drawing, and you name it – the format works to engage, transport, and give a viable venue for artists. Thank you Linda! ”

--- Chris Twomey

E 32 provides an alternative venue well worth attending. It allows the artists to speak first and foremost about their work process and intentions, and I would encourage any artist, emerging and more established, to attend and present there. Presenting at E32 was a fun and informative event. Not only did I receive great responses (and a lot of laughs) about my work, I had the pleasure of seeing and gaining insights into other artists' process and outcomes, including starting a new friendship and a trade, with someone I would probably never have met otherwise.  

-- Saul Robbins

My name is Javier A Lara, I am a Venezuelan artist based in Chicago and South America. I have been working with Linda Griggs and her E32 project for about 2 and half or 3 years. I had the opportunity to meet with her this past Feb 17, 2009 after I was invited to present my

latest work and discuss my experiences with my shows in London and Brussels. I feel this was such an incredible opportunity to share and learn from other artists doing work in Continental USA and abroad. I feel E32 is a great project, and an incredible way to network and create artist collaboration. It particularly inspired me to curate a show with artists who work on similar subject matter but take different approaches by using different mediums.

-- Javier  A Lara

You know, how special you make E32 event?? You are the core of it.!!! the link, the glue that holds it together in a very special way!

Good luck and continue the great work!!!

xo Carmen

-- Carmen Einfinger

...your idea that in the new recession economy your E32 project  gains importance, takes center stage bringing the excitement of artistic community and synergy to the front is totally on target. The night i was there I felt totally engrossed.

-- Liz • Liz-N-Val

I am so grateful to E32 for providing the perfect forum for my group of female artists/illustrators who, as recent graduates of an art program, sought a warm and supportive initiation into the New York art scene.  We appreciated the format of E32, which allowed us to design our own show based on an original theme, and upload and display our artwork without the costs or hassle of submission forms and framing.  Most importantly, by giving us to the opportunity to individually describe and discuss our artwork at the opening, E32 opened our eyes to facets of each other that, as colleagues, we hadn't previously known, and enabled us to connect with our audience in meaningful way.  Thank you, E32, for fostering such an unpretentious, stimulating and encouraging environment in a line of work that often provides the very opposite.

-- Rachel Burgess

artist, illustrator

..appreciated the E32 venue, as i live in an area that is rather limited in both

acceptance and support of edgyart... that E32 was reviewed in the Villager was an additional positive response. 

thanks to Linda Griggs and staff for the presentations on Clinton Street and

other NY hotspots!

-- ALXSw.

Thank you LInda--it was a really fun and engaging evening!

 I appreciate the work you put into this--a friendly gathering place for artists and their work.  Hope to catch additional evenings, and see what people are up to.

-- Elizabeth Riley

"E32 gave me the opportunity to show work to other artists and art enthusiasts in a relaxed and intimate setting that easily enabled conversation amongst the room, moderated by Linda Griggs. I was both inspired and reinvigorated by the gathering and the diverse practices of those who attended. Thank you for a wonderful evening of art."  -- Arielle Falk

Within the art world, E32 events are crucial. They serve as a rare interface between the digital and the human. Artists, critics, collectors and dealers leave personal computer screens and blockbuster exhibitions behind. Instead, they experience a connection with the evening's presenting artists and their work that is intimate and encouraging in scale and scope.    

-- Kylie Heidenheimer 

I want you to know how much I value what you've been doing with E32 project. It  fills a gap in the frenzied, market driven artworld where artists gather to dig beneath the surface of their art FOR EACH OTHER. Interesting how prescient the E32 concept was now that we see the economy collapsing around us and we turn to each other for support and enrichment. Unlike an organized critique group, it's more casual, where you don't know who you'll meet - after living in the east village 15 years i finally discovered that LIZ & VAl were real people. It spans all career levels which is refreshing and informative.  There's a fundamental generosity about the whole endeavor that I think starts with your personality.

-- Judith Simonian